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ICPerMed Recognition 2021: Winners Announcement :

ICPerMed is glad to announce the three winners of the ICPerMed “Best Practice in Personalised Medicine” Recognition 2021, who stood out for the quality of their proposals. 
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New HEcoPerMed Publication :

09 May 2022 - Researchers from the HEcoPerMed consortium led by HERC Oxford published an article on Financing and Reimbursement Models for Personalised Medicine (PM).The article reviews current financing and reimbursement models for PM and describes whether they can influence the development and uptake of PM. 
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Save-the-date: ICPerMed Conference 2022 :

04 May 2022 - For the first time in two years, ICPerMed is delighted to organise a physical meeting and to welcome you in Paris on October 5-6, 2022 for the ICPerMed Conference – Prelude to the Future of Medicine. 
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EU-Africa PerMed Webinar :

29 April 2022 - The first webinar of the EU Africa PerMed Initiative will take place on May 17, 2022. It will present examples of EU-african research collaborations in personalised medicine in the field of oncology. 
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Workshop of the PERMIT project :

25 April 2022 – The PERMIT project offers a training opportunity for researchers, clinicians, and other health professionals entitled "Advanced trial designs for Personalised Medicine: An interactive workshop on research methods". The workshop will take place online on 12 May 2022. 
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ICPerMed Best Practice Recognition 2022 launched :

21 April 2022 - The fifth ICPerMed Recognition aims to honour, encourage, promote and disseminate outstanding examples of Clinical Research in Personalised Medicine using clinical datasets and technology to fruitfully impact the Regional, National, and International data sharing among patients, health professionals, and researchers. The deadline for the submission of the proposals is June 30th, 2022. 
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EU-STANDS4PM Annual meeting 2022 :

07 April 2022 - The annual meeting of the coordination and support action EU-STANDS4PM "Towards broadly applicable standards for in silico approaches in personalized medicine" is taking place virtually on 18-19 May 2022. 
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14th ICPerMed Newsletter is online :

05 April 2022 – ICPerMed published its 14th Newsletter informing interested stakeholders about new developments, important events and research progress in the field of personalised medicine. 
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Best practice example: Centers for Personalised Medicine (ZPM) :

23 March 2022 – Four university hospitals in the German region of Baden-Wuerttemberg joined forces as “Centers for Personalised Medicine”. Together, they offer access to state-of-the art personalised medicine approaches to all patients in the region, starting in the oncology field and expanding to further disease indications. 
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Update on EP PerMed Preparations :

22 March 2022 – The preparations for the European Partnership in Personalised Medicine, EP PerMed, are continuing. Last month, a draft proposal for the Partnership was prepared by the drafting group of potential partners and published by the European Commission. This was done in close collaboration with the Member States (MS) and Associated Countries, and with support of the European Commission. 
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IC2PerMed Webinar :

17 March 2022 - The CSA IC2PerMed is organising a webinar on "Why Do We Need Personalised Medicine in Cancer? The Case of the EU & China" on March 23, 2022. Thought leaders from Italy and China will provide examples and recommendations for effective implementation of this approach in different settings. 
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ICPerMed Mapping Database

The ICPerMed database gives an overview on the actions in the field of Personalised Medicine performed in the ICPerMed member states and may assist interested users in finding suitable funding opportunities and information about potential funders in their respective country and/or region. The database allows the user to search for programmes susceptible to finance research projects in the field of personalised medicine.
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ICPerMed Partnering Tool

The ICPerMed Partnering Tool facilitates networking among universities, research and patient organizations, SMEs, industry and all other stakeholders interested in personalised medicine. The ICPerMed Partnering Tool offers you to search for partners and to present your expertise to the personalised medicine research community. By completing and activating your profile you publish your partnering profile to all users and present your collaboration offers.
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