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ICPerMed State of the Art Report 2023 published :

01 March 2024 – The ICPerMed State of the Art Report 2023 is published and provides information about ICPerMed's activities, EP PerMed as well as other initiatives and activities supporting personalised medicine development and implementation. 
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Siena Workshop Report available :

01 March 2024 - The 5th ICPerMed Workshop was dedicated to the latest developments in technology and innovation that are driving personalised medicine innovation. The workshop showcased achievements and experiences of researchers, clinicians, biotech and industry leaders, and thus provided insights on how to drive personalised medicine-related innovations in healthcare. Furthermore, examples of promising technologies, tools and perspectives were presented. 
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Challenges & Opportunities in Implementing PM :

16 February 2024 – ICPerMed published three documents presenting a review of challenges and identified facilitators for personalised medicine implementation in healthcare practices formulated as recommendations.  
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PROPHET Survey on Personalised Prevention :

26 January 2024 - To bridge the gap between the slower adoption of personalised prevention strategies compared to other approaches to personalised medicine, ICPerMed family member PROPHET invites stakeholders in personalised medicine to participate in a survey on the perceived barriers, challenges and enablers to the adoption of personalised prevention strategies in the EU and beyond. 
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ICPerMed Cooperation with EP PerMed :

26 January 2024 - ICPerMed members participated in the so-called Extended General Assembly of the European Partnership for Personalised Medicine (EP PerMed) on 24 January 2024 in Brussels. The new body brings together all ICPerMed and EP PerMed partners to ensure close collaboration between the two initiatives to promote the translation of personalised medicine into practice. 
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EP PerMed JTC2024 Announcement :

02 January 2024 – The European Partnership for Personalised Medicine, EP PerMed, is launching the first Joint Transnational Call (JTC2024) for proposals on 'Identification or Validation of Targets for Personalised Medicine Approaches (PMTargets)'. 
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ICPerMed Workshop - Presentations and videos available :

19 December 2023 – Presentations of and videos taken during the ICPerMed Workshop 'Advancing Personalised Medicine through Technology Development' are now available. 
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ERA PerMed Final Brochure published :

19 December 2023 – ERA PerMed has published its Final Brochure that summarises ERA PerMed's activities and achievements with a focus on the research consortia funded in the first joint transnational call (JTC2018), co-funded by the European Union. 
read more: ERA PerMed Final Brochure published.

HEcoPerMed Publication :

06 December 2023 - Researchers from the HEcoPerMed consortium published a special issue of Future Medicine / Personalised Medicine: VOLUME 20, ISSUE 4 / JULY 2023 with the following articles. 
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EP PerMed Launch & Call Pre-Announcement :

04 December 2023 - The European Partnership for Personalised Medicine (EP PerMed) aims to improve future healthcare for all citizens. With a total budget of around €375 million, EP PerMed will significantly support the transnational development of personalised medicine approaches over the next ten years and their successful translation into clinical practice. A preliminary announcement for the first joint transnational call has now been published. 
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IC2PerMed Roadmap published :

28 November 2023 - The IC2PerMed project has developed a Roadmap that encapsulates the project's key findings and strategies to implement personalised medicine in the EU and China, emphasizing the exchange of best practices and addressing potential impediments. Through an extensive evaluation of personalised medicine landscapes in the EU and China, the project mapped existing policies, programs, funding mechanisms, and health ecosystems. 
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