Welcome to the ICPerMed mapping database - funding for research in Personalised Medicine

The ICPerMed database gives an overview on the actions in the field of Personalised Medicine (PM) performed in the ICPerMed member states and may assist you in finding suitable funding opportunities and information about potential funders in your respective country and/or region.

Via the ICPerMed database, ICPerMed members (e.g. funding agencies and ministries) provide available information about their national/regional funding activities in PM. The different national/regional funding schemes and general funding information are described. The database allows the user to search for programmes susceptible to finance research projects in the field of PM. This includes not only programmes that are ongoing but also those that are already completed as well as others that will start in the near future.

The ICPerMed database is open to the public after simple registration.

The ICPerMed database reflects the progress of the ICPerMed consortium towards the objectives and implementation of the ICPerMed Action Plan. More information on the International Consortium for Personalised Medicine (ICPerMed) can be found on the ICPerMed website: www.icpermed.eu.