Sino-EU Permed webinar on cancer treatment & diagnostics

23 November 2022 - The ICPerMed 'Family Member' SINO-EU PerMed organises its 2nd science & technology webinar 'Perspectives in Personalised Medicine: Cancer treatment & diagnostics' on 13th December, 2022, 08:00 - 12:00 CET.

Research on genetic links in cancer diseases and diagnoses triggered the start of personalised medicine more than 10 years ago. The area has developed significantly in recent years, and we are starting to see the first national cancer planes being implemented into health care. Examples from both China and Europe will be presented, demonstrating the state of the art of the field today.

For more information and registration on the event and speakers please visit the Sino-EU PerMed webpage.

Sino-EU PerMed is a project funded by the European Commission with the purpose to foster international coordination of research and innovation, funding, and policies within the field of personalised medicine. The project is member of the family of projects under the umbrella of the International Consortium of Personalised Medicine which attempts to align and promote efforts in all areas of personalised medicine. The Sino-EU PerMed project undertakes several activities to promote interactions between China and EU within the area of personalised medicine. A key part of the project is to exchange expertise and personalised medicine knowledge via science and technology webinars, thereby promoting cooperation and networking activities.