Online Training on Personalised Medicine Trials (PERMIT)

21 December 2022 - The PERMIT project has developed an interactive online training to facilitate the understanding and implementation of personalised medicine trials. The training is designed to address the needs of researchers from public and private sectors, clinicians, policy makers, regulatory authorities at a national or regional level, students, ethics committee representatives, patient groups, patients and citizens.

The training is available at three different levels of specialization:

  • The “Personalised Medicine Trials (PERMIT) Overview” series provides a brief overview of the personalised medicine research pipeline.
  • The “In-depth” series dives into each of the stages of the personalised medicine research pipeline. 
  • The “PERMIT in lay terms” series allows patients and citizens to get familiar with personalised medicine research, its different stages and with the PERMIT project’s recommendations. 

More information on and registration for the online training: