Regions4PerMed Workshop on Personalised Medicine

09 January 2023 - ICPerMed 'Family' member Regions4PerMed organises the workshop 'Tackling ethical, economical, legal and social aspects of Personalised Medicine'. The workshop will take place on January 25th in Firenze (Italy) and online.

The event will focus on a regional perspective and aims to enable a structured exchange among EU regional stakeholders, the entities which can contribute to the alignment and implementation of Personalised Medicine and health principles in terms of policy, investments and governance.

The following main topics will be covered:

  1. Ethical Aspects
  2. Public Trust
  3. The Economic Value of Personalised Medicine
  4. Diversity, Inclusion and Personalised Medicine
  5. Sex, Gender and Personalised Medicine

The agenda, more information an registration are avaiable on the Regions4PerMed website.