IC2PerMed Roadmap published

28 November 2023 - The IC2PerMed project has developed a Roadmap that encapsulates the project's key findings and strategies to implement personalised medicine in the EU and China, emphasizing the exchange of best practices and addressing potential impediments. Through an extensive evaluation of personalised medicine landscapes in the EU and China, the project mapped existing policies, programs, funding mechanisms, and health ecosystems.

Personalized medicine is a transformative approach, customizing healthcare to individuals based on their distinct characteristics. This method holds promise in enhancing health outcomes and ensuring the sustainability of healthcare systems by optimizing resource allocation. Both the European Union (EU) and China recognize the pivotal role of personalised medicine, fostering initiatives to prioritize its implementation.  On this base, the IC2PerMed project aims to foster collaboration between the EU and China by charting a comprehensive roadmap for personalised medicine. 

The IC2PerMed Roadmap delineates a strategic framework to harness the full potential of personalised medicine, thereby transforming healthcare and boosting public health. Structural initiatives encompass enhancing health literacy, fostering cross-sectoral and international collaboration, continuously evaluating and adapting technologies, and facilitating market entry for innovative solutions through rigorous needs assessment and Health Technology Assessment . The Roadmap underscores the pivotal role of data interoperability and shared standards in fostering international platforms. Moreover, it recognizes the universal significance of ethical, social, and regulatory considerations in the personalised medicine process.

The joint results collected in the Roadmap serves as a blueprint, emphasizing the transformative potential of personalised medicine and offering a strategic pathway to steer health policy decisions and galvanize stakeholders' efforts towards achieving global healthcare advancement.

Download the IC2PerMed Roadmap