1st Best Practice Example of Personalised Medicine Policy

The Canadian Path from Discovery to Implementation of Personalised Medicine Approaches

Étienne Richer

McGill University and Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR), Canada


Dr. Étienne Richer first joined McGill University as a postdoctoral scientist in genetics of infectious diseases. Dr. Richer then joined BioMedCom Consultants where he was involved in projects covering a broad range of healthcare issues from biologics therapies to reimbursement policies. Dr. Richer returned to McGill in 2011 as the Associate Director for the CIHR Institute of Genetics. Dr. Richer has been involved in the strategic orientation of the institute, the development of its team and the delivery of its activities. While establishing tight links with the national research community, an international focus is also infused in these three sectors. Personalized medicine and rare diseases constitute two area of focus of his work as he has been involved since 2012 in CIHR’s Personalized Medicine Initiative and Personalized Health Initiative, was a member of the CSA PerMed, is member of IC PerMed and E-Rare and is involved in the development of ERA PerMed.

Catalina Lopez-Correa

Genome British Columbia, Canada

Dr. Catalina Lopez-Correa is Genome BC’s Chief Scientific Officer and VP Sectors. Her deep understanding of genomics has inspired leaders in science and industry to collaborate towards solving some of the world’s greatest challenges. Dr. Lopez-Correa holds a Medical degree from the UPB in Colombia, a Master’s degree in Human Genetics from Paris V University in France, a PhD in Medical Sciences and Genetics from the KULeuven in Belgium, and a mini MBA from McGill University in Canada. Dr. Lopez-Correa has held leadership positions at Informax, deCODE Genetics, Eli Lilly and Genome Quebec and has played advisory roles at the European Commission, Innovative Medicine Initiatives and other private and public sector entities working in the application and implementation of genomics technologies.

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