ICPerMed Recognition 2019 – winners chosen

11 June 2019 – ICPerMed announces the winners of the of the ICPerMed "Best Practice in Personalised Medicine" Recognition 2019.

The following awardees have been chosen:

  1. A Liquid Biopsy ‘hub’: integrating Nano-technologies to improve cancer diagnosis and therapy (Patrizio Giacomini, RCSS National Cancer Institute Regina Elena, Italy)
  2. Best Open Innovation in Science Practice for the Establishment of Interdisciplinary & Inter-Sectoral Collaboration Platforms for the Implementation of PM (Juergen Busch, Ludwig Boltzmann Gesellschaft, Austria)
  3. Translating genotype data into clinical pharmacogenetic recommendations: challenges and solutions (Sulev Reisberg, University of Tartu, Estonia)
  4. Development and integration of organoid models in personalised medicine platforms (Mark A. Rubin, University of Bern, Switzerland)

The four awardees will be invited to the ICPerMed Workshop on 5-6 November 2019 in Madrid and will present their results during a plenary session. They will receive a non-cash award of EUR 500 to support the dissemination of their work. Eight further highly-ranked proposals will be invited to present a poster of their work during the ICPerMed Workshop.

The call for submission of proposals for the ICPerMed "Best Practice in Personalised Medicine" Recognition 2020 will presumably open in November 2019.

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