4th Annual Meeting of the ÖPPM

28 October 2020 – The 4th Annual Meeting of the ÖPPM 2020 will be guided by the main topic “Digitalization in Personalized Medicine” The webinar series will start on 20.10.2020 featuring international and national keynotes on societal and technological aspects.

The Series will start with a lecture by Martin A. Mensah (Charité Berlin) with the title "Sense and Sensitivity: Computer-aided Facial Phenotyping in Individuals with Genetic Syndromes". Richard Milne (Wellcome Genome Campus) will give a lecture on October 24 th on the topic "Public perspectives on the donation and sharing of genomic and health information: findings of a global study" and Herwig Ostermann (Gesundheit Österreich) will give a lecture with subsequent discussion on the 1st of December 2020.

The "ÖPPM Poster Challenge 2020" is aimed at FH students from the e-health sector who are invited to present their projects on digitization in health sciences and personalized medicine.

A few short video statements by members of the ÖPPM Expert Network are intended to express the multidisciplinary character of PerMed and to emphasize the many different facets of expertise it requires for implementation.

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