Guide to a European Partnership for Personalised Medicine

21 April 2021 – ICPerMed and ERA PerMed published a jointly developed guide for the candidate European Partnership for Personalised Medicine - EP PerMed.

The guidance document was developed by the ICPerMed and ERA PerMed “Preparatory Group”, comprising of four representatives of each initiative, and aims to provide information about the European Partnerships developed in the 9th framework programme of the European Union and in particular for the European Partnership for Personalised Medicine (EP PerMed).

It is intended to provide support for representatives of national and regional authorities, ministries, funders and policy makers and the Personalised Medicine stakeholder community. The path towards the EP PerMed is work in process. Thus, this guideline is a dynamic document that will be updated when new information or developments become available.

In addition, topic-specific Information Sheets will soon be available for relevant topics.

This document was jointly developed by ICPerMed and ERA PerMed as guide for decision-makers and stakeholders in the preparation of the candidate European Partnership in Personalised Medicine, EP PerMed. The document received valuable input of the European Commission (EC) but does not represent an official document developed and approved by the EC.

With this document, ICPerMed and ERA PerMed aim to promote the EP PerMed. Information on the EP PerMed preparations and recommendations for regional/national organisations in preparation of the European Partnership are provided, to foster participation of interested organisations in the EP PerMed and help organising the baselines for preparations on the regional and national level to mobilise the national budget commitments and receive stakeholder input for the creation of the partnership.

Contact details ICPerMed/ERA PerMed preparatory group:

Download: Guide to a European Partnership for Personalised Medicine
For further information, you can find the EP PerMed draft concept paper here.