Virtual ICPerMed Executive Committee Meeting on October 13-14, 2020

03 November 2020 – On October 13-14, 2020, the ICPerMed Executive Committee met virtually to discuss and plan strategy and future activities of the consortium as well as associated adaptations to the ICPerMed governance structure.

At the meeting, the Executive Committee discussed future events of ICPerMed, such as the next ICPerMed Conference (February 25-26, 2021) and an ICPerMed Family Meeting to take place in autumn 2021.

It was further discussed how ICPerMed can support the planned European Partnership on Personalised Medicine (EP PerMed). This partnership is foreseen to be implemented under Horizon Europe, the next EU research and innovation framework programme. ICPerMed strongly supports this new partnership and developed together with ERA PerMed a concept paper as input and supporting document for the Member States consultation organised by the EC.

The meeting was complemented by several guest speakers who gave very interesting talks:

Anthony Humphreys (Head of Regulatory Science and Innovation) and Ivana Silva (Healthcare Professionals and Learned Societies, Public Engagement Department, Stakeholders and Communication Division) from the European Medicines Agency (EMA) presented EMA’s Regulatory Science Strategy and possible interactions. Further, the coordinators of three new ICPerMed-related Coordination and Support Actions funded by the European Commission presented their very intriguing projects:

  • PERMIT (Personalised Medicine Trials) was presented by Jacques Demotes, Director General ECRIN, Paris, France
  • IC2PerMed (Integrating China in the International Consortium for Personalised Medicine) was presented by Chiara Cadeddu (Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore & Istituto Superiore di Sanità, Rome, Italy)
  • Sino-EU PerMed (Cooperation between China and Europe in Personalised Medicine) was presented by Carolin Lange and Sabine Puch from DLR Project Management Agency, Bonn, Germany.

The next ICPerMed Executive Committee Meeting will take place on February 23-24, 2021, back to back with the ICPerMed Conference.