EU-STANDS4PM Annual meeting 2022

07 April 2022 - The annual meeting of the coordination and support action EU-STANDS4PM "Towards broadly applicable standards for in silico approaches in personalized medicine" is taking place virtually on 18-19 May 2022.

EU-STANDS4PM is a Horizon 2020 funded Coordinating and Support Action tasked to assess and evaluate strategies for data-driven in silico modelling approaches for personalised medicine.  A central aim is to develop guidelines, recommendations and standards for predictive computational models for clinical applications.

The goal of the meeting is to present the EU-STANDS4PM project output to a broad stakeholder community. The following major topics will be discussed:

  1. A catalogue of personalised medicine reference data with examples of good practice in data collection and reuse as a basis for European collaboration and data sharing.
  2. Development of community-based guidelines and normative standard documents covering recommendations and requirements for predictive computational models in personalised medicine research.
  3. The legal and ethical framework necessary to develop lawful and ethical data integration in a fair and transparent way, respecting patients' rights.
  4. Innovative data governance for collaborative research projects: A new harmonised data access agreement for controlled access data.

Together with invited guests, EU-STANDS4PM will reflect on implementation strategies for standards that shall help to support collaborative research as well as funding organisations to ensure credibility, quality and sustainability of public funded projects.

More information is available here.