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Programme of the ICPerMed Conference 2020

The conference will comprise keynote lectures focusing on the implementation of personalised medicine approaches into healthcare systems for the benefit of patients, citizens and the society as a whole.

Five plenary sessions will focus on the five perspectives of the Vision Paper: citizen engagement, involvement of health professionals, implementation within healthcare systems, health-related information, and the development of sustainable economic models covering the entire spectrum of personalised medicine. Each session will include 2 talks completed by a roundtable to widen discussions with other expertise around the dedicated topic of each session.

In addition, ICPerMed will feature and honour best practices in personalised medicine research through the ICPerMed Recognition 2020, that aims to recognise, encourage, promote and disseminate outstanding examples.

Finally, the conference will end with an animated roundtable discussion on an overarching question in personalised medicine.

A more detailed programme is coming soon.