ICPerMed Vison Paper published: How can personalised approaches pave the way to next-generation medicine?

25 September 2019 – The ICPerMed Vision Paper presents the future vision of ICPerMed on personalised medicine research and implementation by 2030. It considers our increased understanding of biological, lifestyle, and environmental factors that regulate disease onset and progression to be the driving force for the implementation of personalised medicine, and thus aims to align and encourage joint efforts in research and implementation.

In this context, ICPerMed has developed a vision of how the use of personalised medicine approaches will promote "next-generation" medicine in 2030, more firmly centred on the individual’s personal characteristics, leading to increased effectiveness, economic value, and equitable access for all citizens to the best possible healthcare.

ICPerMed has defined this vision by consulting with European and international experts, covering the entire range of relevant sectors and professional backgrounds. The experts’ comments concerning opportunities and challenges helped to refine the overall vision, which was further shaped by the outcome and conclusions of the ICPerMed conference Personalised Medicine in Action in November 2018.

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