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ICPerMed Workshop 2022

Personalised Medicine: How to Ensure Value-Based Implementation

Personalised medicine has the potential to contribute to the evolution of healthcare and its delivery to improve its resilience and benefits for citizens and patients. This Workshop gave the opportunity to discuss and find agreements on the mechanism and key aspects of health economic cross-cutting effects to guide the appropriate implementation of personalised medicine. The Workshop discussed two overall topics dealt with within different working groups:

Personalised medicine implementation: what should be addressed?

Key topics in relation to personalised medicine implementation were discussed, and recommendations were provided to appropriately guide the introduction of personalised medicine approaches in the different health care systems with a specific focus on value perspectives.

What will the evolution of the field mean for society?

As we are moving towards the “generation genome” and are seeing increasing accessibility and interoperability of health data from a plethora of sources, an outlook was provided on what this will mean for the evaluation and valuation of personalized medicine approaches for the health care system and public health approaches more generally.

Meeting start: June 21st, 11.00 am

Meeting end: June 22nd, 14:00

Location: Brussels Marriott Hotel Grand Place, Rue Auguste Orts, Grand Place 3-7, 1000 Bruxelles, Belgium

The workshop agenda can be downloaded here.

A detailed report of the workshop is available here.