EP PerMed as an opportunity for interregional cooperation

24 February 2023 - Interreg Europe highlights the relevance of the upcoming European Partnership for Personalised Medicine (EP PerMed) for European regions.

In a recent news, Interreg Europe describes what European Partnerships are and what relevance they have especially for European regions:

The establishment and funding of European partnerships, as part of the European Research Area (ERA) and the Horizon Co-Fund Action Programme, are important initiatives to enhance national and regional collaborative research and innovation investment in Europe and beyond. […]

For example, the emerging European partnership on Personalised Medicine (EP PerMed) provides a good illustration of the benefits for regional innovation stakeholders. It highlights the importance of connecting different policy and funding mechanisms – Horizon Europe and the Structural Funds. Such integration is necessary to design and launch the partnerships and create sustainability and long-term initiatives.”

Interreg Europe helps regional and local governments across Europe to develop and deliver better policy. By creating an environment and opportunities for sharing solutions, the programme aims to ensure that government investment, innovation and implementation efforts all lead to integrated and sustainable impact for people and place. To achieve this goal, Interreg Europe offers opportunities for regional and local public authorities across Europe to share ideas and experience on public policy in practice, therefore improving strategies for their citizens and communities.

More information about the current status of the preparations for EP PerMed and the oppertunities for regions in this context is available here.