EP PerMed: Towards a European Partnership in Personalised Medicine

Within the EU’s 9th Framework Programme for Research and Innovation, Horizon Europe, the set-up of a European Partnership for Personalised Medicine (EP PerMed) is proposed. Its aim is to align and promote regional and national priority setting and funding for research and implementation projects in the area of personalised medicine between the EU Member States, regions and associated countries as well as international partner countries.

European Partnerships  are a “new generation” of partnerships that will in Horizon Europe replace previous forms of partnerships, e.g. ERA-Nets or JPIs. Their general aim is to bring the European Commission and private and/or public partners together to address some of Europe’s most pressing challenges through concerted research and innovation initiatives. Identifying European Partnerships is an integral part of Horizon Europe’s strategic planning process.

Personalised Medicine is one out of currently 49 topics that are suggested for a European Partnership.

Over the last years, a lot has been achieved in the field of personalised medicine by a large number of international, pan-European, national as well as regional activities and initiatives. But to further develop and foster promising personalised medicine approaches, there is a need of an even closer collaboration and effort which could be achieved by such a European Partnership for Personalised Medicine under Horizon Europe.

ICPerMed promotes the establishment of this European Partnership together with the closely connected  ERA-Net ERA PerMed.


Draft Concept Paper

ICPerMed and ERA PerMed published a jointly developed draft concept paper for EP PerMed.

With this paper, ICPerMed and ERA PerMed underline the need for establishing a European Partnership for Personalised Medicine and propose their vision for it, its objectives, its activities and its expected impacts. The paper also outlines the composition of the partnership consortium and its interaction with the Personalised Medicine ecosystem, at European and international level.

The current version of the draft concept paper was provided to the European Commission after receiving the approval by the over 50 organisations from more than 30 countries (of which 24 European countries) involved in ICPerMed and/or ERA PerMed.

The paper received valuable European Commission input but does not represent an official document developed and approved by the European Commission. The paper is not the official partnership proposal.


Guidance Document / Information Sheets

ICPerMed and ERA PerMed further published a jointly developed guide for the next steps towards EP PerMed.

The Guideline Paper is intended to provide support for representatives of national and regional authorities, ministries, funders and policy makers and the Personalised Medicine stakeholder community. The path towards EP PerMed is work in process. Thus, this guideline is a dynamic document that will be updated when new information or developments become available.

In addition, topic-specific Information Sheets are available for areas of action listed in the guideline paper.

EP PerMed InfoSheet1 – Summary of Draft Concept Paper
EP PerMed InfoSheet 2 – Stakeholder Community
EP PerMed InfoSheet 3 – National Hubs for Personalised Medicine
EP PerMed InfoSheet 4 – Regional Opportunities
EP PerMed InfoSheet 5 – Joint Funding Activities
EP PerMed InfoSheet 6 – Industry Involvement
EP PerMed InfoSheet 7 – International Perspective

With these documents, ICPerMed and ERA PerMed aim to promote EP PerMed. Information on EP PerMed’s preparations and recommendations for regional/national organisations in preparation of EP PerMed are provided. The aim is to foster participation of interested organisations and to help organise the baselines for preparations on the regional and national level, in order to mobilise national budget commitments and receive stakeholder input for the creation of the partnership.


EP PerMed Information Day: “European Partnership for Personalised Medicine calling for national and regional involvement”

On May 31, 2021, ICPerMed and ERA PerMed organised a virtual information event. All interested stakeholders, in particular national and regional authorities (as ministries, funders, etc.) were invited.

ICPerMed and ERA PerMed informed about their joint proposal for EP PerMed, its objectives, activities and expected impacts, and the overall framework for engagement in this partnership.

Further, ICPerMed and ERA PerMed wanted to engage with national and regional authorities as well as funders and stakeholders interested in promoting and implementing personalised medicine approaches in their countries and regions, with the overall aim to foster personalised diagnostics, therapies and prevention for the benefit of patients and citizens.

The virtual event took place on May 31, 2021 (13.00 – 16.30 CEST).
More information is available here.