ICPerMed Brief 'Optimizing Clinical Research for Personalised Medicine: Recommendations for Funders, Regulators and Policy Makers'

22 May 2023 - ​ICPerMed published a set of recommendations for optimizing personalised medicine (PM) related clinical research as a brief specifically addressed to policy, funding bodies and regulatory agencies. These recommendations have been elaborated by the ICPerMed Working Group „Clinical Studies in Personalised Medicine“ together with the CSA PERsonalised Medicine Trials project, PERMIT.

PM-related clinical research is essential to validate personalised therapeutic diagnostic and screening approaches as well as specific treatments that can safely optimise the individuals’ diagnosis, care and prevention, thus contributing to solve public health challenges. Policy, research funding and regulation play essential roles in the adaptation of research strategies to the specificities of PM. Therefore, the presented set of recommendations specifically aim to guide these stakeholders to support the successful development and implementation of innovative PM approaches. 

The document can be downloaded here.