Members of ICPerMed

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ICPerMed brings together more than 40 funding bodies from EU member states and beyond. Members include public and private ‘not-for-profit’ health research funding and policy organisations. Other organisations or initiatives can join ICPerMed’s stakeholder group.

There is no monetary commitment required to join ICPerMed but members commit to working actively towards achieving the overall aims of the Consortium. In addition, members will be expected to report annually on their activities and to actively participate in the running of the initiative.

ICPerMed originates from a European initiative. Therefore currently most members are from Europe. But as personalised health care is important globally, ICPerMed seeks to include more international partners in the coming years.

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Austria Federal Ministry of Science, Research and Economy Member Dr Hemma Bauer
Austria Federal Ministry of Labour, Social Affairs, Health and Consumer Protection Member Dr Eva Claudia Lang
Belgium (Region) Department of Economy, Science and Innovation of the Flemish government Member Kathleen D'Hondt, PhD
Brazil Oswaldo Cruz Foundation (Fundação Oswaldo Cruz) Member Manoel Barral Netto

Brazil CNPq Observer Lelio Fellows Filho

Canada Canadian Institutes of Health Research Member Dr Etienne Richer
Canada Genome Canada Member Catalina Lopez-Correa
Canada (Region) Genome British Columbia Member Dr Ellie Griffith
Republic of Croatia Ministry of Science and Education of the Republic Croatia Member -
Cyprus Research Promotion Foundation Observer Andreas Hadjisavvas
Czech Republic Ministry of Health of the Czech Republic Member

Prof. Ondřej Slabý
Monika Kocmanová
(Czech Health Research Council)

Denmark Innovation Fund Denmark Member Ejner Moltzen
EU European Commission Observer -
Egypt Academy of Scientific Research and Technology Member Dr Amr Radwan
Estonia Ministry of Social Affairs Member Marie Teesalu
Finland Academy of Finland (Suomen Akatemia) Member Sara Illman, Heikki Vilen
France French National Research Agency (Agence Nationale de la Recherche) Member Dr Monika Frenzel
France Ministry of Higher Education and Research Member Dr Franck Lethimonnier (The French National Institute of Health and Medical Research / French National Alliance for Life Sciences and Health)
Germany Federal Ministry of Education and Research Member -
Germany Federal Ministry of Health Member Dagmar Friese www.bundesgesund
Germany (Region) Ministry of Social Affairs and Integration from Baden-Wuerttemberg Member Dr Anne Würz
Hungary Ministry of Human Capacities Member Prof. Maria Judit Molnar
Iran Iran Ministry of Health and Medical Education Member Prof. Bagher Larijani, Dr Shekoufeh Nikfar, Dr Mandana Hasanzad (Tehran University of Medical Sciences)  
Ireland Health Research Board Member Dr. Teresa Maguire
Israel Ministry of Health Member -
Italy Ministry of Health Member Dr Gaetano Guglielmi
Italy National Research Council (Consiglio Nazionale delle Richerche) Member Dr Caterina Cinti,
Maria Giovanna Trivella
Italy Fondazione Telethon Member Stefano Benvenuti
Italy (Region) Regional Foundation for Biomedical Research (Lombardy) Member Paola Bello
Italy (Region) Tuscany Region Member Donatella Tanini
Lithuania Research Council of Lithuania Member Prof. Virgilijus Ulozas, (Lithuanian University of Health Sciences)
Luxembourg Luxembourg National Research Fund (Fonds national de la Recherche) Member Dr Marie-Claude Marx
Luxembourg Ministère de la Santé Observer -
Netherlands The Netherlands Organisation for Health Research and Development Member Rob Diemel
Norway The South-Eastern Norway Regional Health Authority Member Torunn Berge
Poland Ministry of Science and Higher Education Member Prof. Piotr Fiedor (Warsaw Medical University)
Portugal Foundation for Science and Technology Member Andreia Feijão
Portugal Instituto Nacional de Saúde Doutor Ricardo Jorge Member Dr Astrid Vicente
Republic of Moldova Academy of Science of Moldova Member Prof. Ghenadie Curocichin
Romania Ministry of Health Member Dr Marius Geanta (Centre for Innovation in Medicine)
South Africa South African Medical Research Council Member Rizwana Mia
Spain The National Institute of Health Carlos III Member Maria Cristina Nieto Garcia
Spain (Region) Ministry for Health – Basque Government Member Dr Maria Aguirre Rueda
Spain (Region) Comunidad Foral de Navarra - Gobierno de Navarra Member

Sara Torres
Sweden Swedish Research Council Member Madeleine Durbeej-Hjalt
Sweden Vinnova Member Malin Eklund
Switzerland Swiss Academy of Medical Sciences Member Dr. Thomas Geiger
Türkiye Ministry of Health Member Tunç Tuncel
Prof. Demet Akdeniz Odemis 
(Health Institutes of Türkiye, TÜSEB)
Türkiye The Scientific and Technological Research Council of Türkiye Observer Dr Derya Donertas

ICPerMed’s members map is a derivative of “World Map for Web Data Visualizations” by Al MacDonald, used under CC BY-SA 3.0.