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ICPerMed Secretariat* is a Coordination and Support Action financed by Horizon 2020. It started its work in November 2016 with a budget of € 2 million for the next four years.
Its main objective is to contribute to ICPerMed’s success. This will be achieved by supporting ICPerMed, its working groups and its chairs in all aspects of their work.

These are mainly:

  • organisational support, e.g. coordination of consortium activities and events
  • first contact for all interested stakeholders and initiatives
  • support in communication and dissemination activities
  • monitoring ongoing research funding activities in Europe and beyond, the secretariat provides the basis for evidence-informed allocation of research funding
  • support in developing research policies, guidelines and where possible standards
  • assist in developing a sustainability concept

For these tasks, four partners from four countries work together:

ICPerMed and Secretariat Structure and Work packages

The ICPerMed Secretariat is structured into five work packages (WP) designed to offer the best possible support for ICPerMed:

WP1: Research Coordination and Cooperation (lead: DLR Project Management Agency)

The first part of this WP is the direct support of the ICPerMed chairs and ICPerMed bodies in their organisational and logistical needs. The second part comprises of organisational and logistical support for public ICPerMed events

WP2: Create Synergies (lead: DLR Project Management Agency)

In order for ICPerMed to be successful, it will be paramount to be in constant exchange and dialogue with relevant stakeholders, ongoing and planned initiatives in all areas of PM. In addition, it will be crucial to contact potential new members and observers (other funders and Member States and in a later stage also partners of non-EU countries). The ICPerMed secretariat will support these synergies by acting as an interface between the consortium and other stakeholders where required and by providing relevant information to both sides.

WP3: Research and implementation policies (lead: ANR)

A central objective of ICPerMed will be to promote PM research by efficient allocation of research funding. This will be supported by collecting, mapping, monitoring, analysing and disseminating pertinent information related to PM research and implementation to allow evidence-informed decision making. In addition, the secretariat will assist in developing a sustainability concept to ensure long-term impact of ICPerMed beyond the year 2020.

WP4: Dissemination (lead: DLR Project Management Agency)

An important requirement for success will be a high visibility of the ICPerMed consortium and a strong impact on the PM funding landscape. In addition, an adequate involvement of relevant stakeholders will facilitate proper implementation. The secretariat will support the consortium in developing a dissemination strategy specifically tailored to the different target groups and will ensure a professional implementation of this strategy.

WP 5 Management (lead: DLR Project Management Agency)

The aim of this work package is the overall management of the ICPerMed Secretariat itself and the coordination of the work of all partners.

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*This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 731366.