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ICPerMed Secretariat* is a Coordination and Support Action financed by Horizon 2020. It started its work in November 2016 with a budget of € 2 million for four years and was prolonged in 2021 for another three years with a budget of another € 2 million.

Its main objective is to contribute to ICPerMed’s success. This will be achieved by supporting ICPerMed, its Working Groups and its chairs in all aspects of their work.

These are mainly:

  • organisational support, e.g. coordination of consortium activities and events
  • first contact for all interested stakeholders and initiatives
  • support in communication and dissemination activities
  • monitoring ongoing research funding activities in Europe and beyond, the secretariat provides the basis for evidence-informed allocation of research funding
  • support in developing research policies, guidelines and where possible standards
  • assisting in developing a sustainability concept

For these tasks, four partners from four countries work together:

The ICPerMed Secretariat is structured into seven work packages (WP) designed to offer the best possible support for ICPerMed:

WP1: ICPerMed structures & governance (lead: DLR Project Management Agency)

The first part of this WP is the direct support of the ICPerMed chairs and ICPerMed bodies in their organisational and logistical needs as well as content-driven work. This includes strengthening the interaction with ICPerMed-related initiatives. The second part is the acquisition of new members and the membership management in close cooperation with geographically-orientated ICPerMed-related CSAs. In addition, the secretariat will assist in developing a consolidation and sustainability concept to ensure long-term impact of ICPerMed.

WP2: Stimulating cooperation and transfer of knowledge (lead: ANR)

The main objective of this WP is to create suitable environments or frameworks stimulating cooperation and exchange between stakeholders and ICPerMed and enabling knowledge-transfer to specific targeted groups. By designing and organising ICPerMed events, this WP seeks to enable exchange about the latest developments in PM research, to discuss needs and barriers left to tackle, to share a PM vision, to promote ICPerMed activities and its main results and to strengthen the dialogue between science and policy for a better transfer of knowledge of identified key priorities to policy makers. The WP comprises the organisational, logistical and content driven support for public ICPerMed events.

WP3: Training and awareness support for integrating PM research results into healthcare (lead: It-MoH)

A central objective of ICPerMed is to promote PM research and its implementation in health care by organising different activities such as training events and sharing PM best practice examples. To achieve this objective, this WP comprises two key action strategies: educational events and the sharing of best practise examples, implemented via the ICPerMed Recognition and the Best Practise selection for dissemination by ICPerMed.

WP4: Accelerating translation, implementation and innovation (lead: ISCIII) 

A central objective of ICPerMed is to promote knowledge, data and data infrastructure exchange between PM research projects and ICPerMed members in order to enable an efficient implementation of PM. In this WP, the ICPerMed Secretariat arranges contacts and provides exchange and cooperation formats and guidelines as well as communication channels for the exchange of data and research results (where possible and effective).

WP 5 Research and implementation assessment (lead: ANR)

The aim of this WP is to support ICPerMed by extensive research, monitoring and analysis of pertinent information related to PM research and its implementation. The analysis will feed into strategic decisions and recommendations of ICPerMed and its members. In addition, it serves to assess the impact of ICPerMed via the development of adequate key performance indicators (KPIs). In this WP quality standards for best practice in PM research will be developed.

WP6: Dissemination (lead: DLR)

An important requirement for success is a high visibility of ICPerMed and a strong impact on the PM funding landscape. The secretariat will support ICPerMed in developing and expanding its dissemination strategy specifically tailored to the different target groups and will ensure a professional implementation of this strategy. New innovative communication formats will be established and the frequency of communication activities will be increased.

WP 7 Management (lead: DLR Project Management Agency)

The aim of this work package is the overall management of the ICPerMed Secretariat itself and the coordination of the work of all partners.

*This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 Research and Innovation Programme under Grant Agreement no. 731366 and no. 964197.

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