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ICPerMed Workshop 11 | 2023 Siena

The 5th ICPerMed Workshop will focus and explore the latest developments in technology and innovation that are driving the field of personalised medicine. The workshop aims to showcase experiences of researchers, clinicians, biotech and industry leaders, to provide insights on how to drive personalised medicine related innovations in the healthcare sector, and to present selected and promising technologies/tools. This ICPerMed event will also promote good practices.

Date: 14-15 November, 2023 (1 ½ day event) 

Location: Museum Santa Maria della Scala, Piazza del Duomo, 1, 53100 Siena

The workshop will serve as a prestigious platform for distinguished researchers, industry professionals, and academics to converge and exchange insights on latest advancements, emerging trends, and critical challenges within the realm of technology developments to support personalised medicine development, innovation and most importantly enabling personalised care. With an emphasis on collaborative learning and interdisciplinary dialogue, this event promises to ignite fruitful discussions and exchange.

Key features of the workshop include:

  • Expert Keynote Lectures: Valuable insights from renowned experts who have made significant contributions to the field of personalised medicine technologies. Their thought-provoking presentations will provide deep insights and inspire new avenues of exploration.
  • Focused Panel Discussions: Engage in in-depth discussions with experts, delving into specific aspects and intricacies of personalised medicine. These panel sessions will encourage intellectual debates, critical analysis, and the exchange of diverse perspectives.
  • Showcase of best practice examples in personalised medicine that are honoured, promoted and disseminated through the ICPerMed 'Best Practice in Personalised Medicine' Recognition 2023: ‘Fostering PM implementation through research’.

The workshop will be on invitation only. 

If you are interested in this event, please contact

The conference is organised by ICPerMed and is financially supported by the European Union and Tuscany Regional Government (ICPerMed Executive Committee member organisation) with the support of Toscana Life Sciences (TLS).