ICPerMed Workshop ‘Advancing Personalised Medicine through Technology Development’

14 November 2023 - More than 90 healthcare professionals, leading experts and industry pioneers gathered for the 5th ICPerMed workshop on 14th and 15th November in Siena, Italy to discuss latest technology developments and the frontiers of personalised medicine innovation. The prestigious one and a half day event at the Museum Santa Maria della Scala was organised by the International Consortium for Personalised Medicine (ICPerMed) and hosted by the Tuscany Region.

"Our pledge to Personalised Medicine is multifaceted," Simone Bezzini, Minister of Health for the Tuscany Region asserted. "We are not only ensuring funding for both basic and translational research at regional and international levels, but also facilitating the seamless integration of these innovations into our healthcare system. The regional center for precision medicine stands as a testament to these efforts."

Minister Bezzini also recognized the broader landscape in which these advancements take place. "We are keenly aware of the necessity to update regulatory frameworks for clinical research and to actively participate in national and European policy forums. It's essential to synchronise our initiatives with those of other regions and member states."

The minister’s forward-looking approach encapsulated the enthusiasm for the ICPerMed Workshop. "Hosting this event is a source of immense pride," he continued. "It embodies our proactive stance in this domain. We eagerly anticipate the opportunity to welcome all partners and stakeholders to Siena, fostering a collaborative environment where progress in Personalised Medicine can thrive."

Unveiling the Future of Personalised Medicine

This pivotal workshop took an in-depth look at the technological innovations shaping Personalised Medicine today. Keynote lectures from international high-level speakers introduced the participants to the latest developments in a wide range of emerging technologies. During panel discussions and interactive sessions, they discussed how these can be used in personalised medicine approaches. 

In addition, three selected projects received the “ICPerMed best practice in personalised medicine” recognition and had the opportunity to share their projects and results in a dedicated session.

Ejner Moltzen, ICPerMed Chair, at the opening of the ICPerMed workshop in Siena
Ejner Moltzen, ICPerMed Chair, at the opening of the ICPerMed workshop in Siena
© Fabio di Pietro

Ejner Moltzen, Chair of ICPerMed and a representative from Innovation Fund Denmark, underscored the workshop's critical role in this fast-evolving landscape. "Personalised Medicine is advancing swiftly, marking its presence not just in research and innovation, but now, more importantly, in the large-scale implementation within healthcare systems," Moltzen noted. He acknowledged the hurdles alongside the milestones, stating, "Despite the positive strides, we encounter persistent challenges. Foremost among them is the need for novel technology development and its subsequent integration into medical practice—crucial steps for realising the full promise of Personalised Medicine."

Moltzen elaborated on the workshop's objectives, "Our agenda is to tackle these technological challenges head-on. We have convened experts to lead high-level discussions on the lifecycle of innovation, from development to navigating regulatory pathways, and ultimately, to delivering benefits to patients. I eagerly anticipate the insights that will emerge from these dialogues. Such understanding is the foundation for advancing the field, with the ultimate goal of enhancing patient care and contributing to societal well-being."

The workshop was organised by the ICPerMed Secretariat, in cooperation with Tuscany region. The results will help ICPerMed and also the upcoming European Partnership for Personalised Medicine to shape their work during the coming years. A workshop report summarising the main results will be available soon on the ICPerMed website.

About ICPerMed

ICPerMed, initiated in 2016, brings together public and private 'not-for-profit' health research funding and policy organisations. The initiative brings together more than 50 European and international partners from 30 countries representing ministries, funding agencies and the European Commission. With the support of the ICPerMed Secretariat, funded by the European Commission, ICPerMed serves as a flexible framework for cooperation among member organisations. The ongoing commitment to covering the entire value chain demonstrates a strategic focus on actionable research items and concerted actions to drive the future of Personalised Medicine.