Kickoff of the CSA EU-Africa PerMed: Building links between Europe and Africa in Personalised Medicine

04 March 2021 – A new member is joining the ICPerMed Family: the Coordination and Support Action (CSA) EU-Africa PerMed “Building links between Europe and Africa in Personalised Medicine”, funded by the European Union through its Framework Programme Horizon 2020 in support of ICPerMed.

The 4-year EU-Africa PerMed project started on 1st February 2021 with the overall aim of integrating African countries into ICPerMed activities, thus contributing to a successful implementation of Personalised Medicine (PM) in the global context. It will foster joint PM projects and programmes between Europe and Africa, as well as strengthening bilateral EU-AU science, technology and innovation relations in the area of health. The project will be implemented by a consortium of 11 partners, 5 from Europe and 6 from Africa and is organised around five main work packages:

  • Mapping the health R&I and policy landscape in Africa to identify key stakeholders, initiatives and expertise relevant to PM
  • Cross-border collaboration and identifications of future actions in PM between Africa and Europe
  • Translating science to policy - Enhancing the dialogue between African countries and Europe in collaboration with ICPerMed and ERA PerMed
  • Capacity building in Personalised Medicine
  • Communication and dissemination

As the COVID-19 pandemic is showing, addressing global health challenges is only possible by building and strengthening international, inter-continental and national scientific cooperation between scientists, decision/policy makers, private practitioners, industries and health professional and civil society. EU-Africa PerMed will work towards fostering a stronger global collaboration in PM through the umbrella of ICPerMed, and by this, to better tackle global health challenges such as infectious diseases and future pandemics as well as the prevention of non-communicable diseases.