ICPerMed Workshop Report published

14 December 2017 – The International Consortium for Personalised Medicine, ICPerMed, announced today the publication of their first workshop report. The workshop entitled “Innovative Concepts on Data Generation and Use for Personalised Medicine Research” had taken place on June 26-27th in Milan (Italy).

This topic was identified within the ICPerMed Action plan as one of the key issues to foster research and implementation of Personalised Medicine (PM).The event enabled the exchange of experiences and ideas between ICPerMed members and internationally acknowledged PM experts. In five parallel working panels, strategic recommendations were developed. The workshop was a great success and will support ICPerMed in planning the next steps to initiate European as well as international collaboration in personalised medicine and the implementation of the results into the national health systems.

Remarked by the chair of ICPerMed, Dr. Mairéad O’Driscoll, “The workshop emphasized the key role of data for the advancement of personalised medicine. It also confirmed ICPerMed’s view that tapping into this potential and creating a real benefit for the patient will require a coordinated effort on a European or even international level.”

ICPerMed is a newly established platform of over 35 European and international partners representing ministries, funding agencies and the European Commission. With the support of the ICPerMed Secretariat, the consortium works on coordinating and supporting research to develop PM approaches. Thereby, the central aim of ICPerMed is to align and encourage joint efforts in PM research and implementation on a European and international level.