New Review Paper on European PM perspective

27 July 2023 - In September 2022, the conference “Cutting-Edge Implementation of Precision Medicine in Europe” took place in Stockholm, Sweden. All presenters, including ICPerMed chair Ejner Moltzen, provided input to a review/status paper on PM that is now published in the Journal of Internal Medicine.

During the two-day symposium, biology informed patient care from various angles and across many disease areas was covered, e.g.: Diagnostics, technology, big data, drug development, clinical trials, ethical and legal aspects play just as important roles as expert networks, patient advocacy groups and policymakers.

Based on the presentations during the symposium, a review paper was written that is now published in the Journal of Internal Medicine: "Implementation of precision medicine in healthcare—A European perspective". ICPerMed chair Ejner Moltzen is one of the authors. The article highlights precision/personalised medicine programmes in several European countries. These can be either national strategies as “top-down” approaches or “bottom-up” approaches driven mainly from the healthcare side. Key learnings from these examples are presented and important aspects like ethical and legal considerations, access to real-world date or reimbursement models are discussed.

The article is available here.