Report of the 5th ICPerMed Workshop 'Advancing Personalised Medicine through Technology Development' available

01 March 2024 - The 5th ICPerMed Workshop was dedicated to the latest developments in technology and innovation that are driving personalised medicine innovation. The workshop showcased achievements and experiences of researchers, clinicians, biotech and industry leaders, and thus provided insights on how to drive personalised medicine-related innovations in healthcare. Furthermore, examples of promising technologies, tools and perspectives were presented.

Report Cover

This ICPerMed workshop served as a prestigious platform for numerous distinguished stakeholders, researchers and industry professionals to converge and exchange insights on latest advancements, emerging trends, and challenges related to technologies supporting personalised medicine development, innovation and most importantly enabling personalised care. With an emphasis on collaborative learning and interdisciplinary dialogue, this event allowed important and fruitful discussions and networking.

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Slides of the held presentations are available on the event website.

A workshop video and statements of speakers as well as representatives of the European Commission and ICPerMed are also available on the website.