Survey on the Future of Personalised Medicine

13 March 2020 – In order to give input to the discussion around the ICPerMed Vision Paper 2030, ICPerMed has conducted a web-based survey with experts on personalised medicine from all over Europe and beyond. An article on the methodology behind and the results and conclusions of this survey was now published in the Personalised Medicine Journal.

Journal Personalised MedicineThe survey has demonstrated a large consensus around the five perspectives defined by the ICPerMed’s Executive Committee. The 70 experts who answered the questionnaire have approved in majority each of the perspectives, bringing in constructive comments in order to clarify some of the terms or to strengthen or specify the content of the propositions.

Even if the total number of respondents could appear low, this survey has nevertheless been the opportunity to collect the perspectives of experts involved in the development of personalised medicine for several years and who will certainly shape the strategies and initiatives in the upcoming years.

More details can be found in the online article 'International Consortium for Personalised Medicine: An international survey about the future of personalised medicine', published ahead of print.