EASYM Conference: Big Data – Transition to Practice

29 August 2018 – The European Association of Systems Medicine (EASYM) is holding their 2018 Conference ‘Big Data – Transition to Practice’ on 7th to 9th November 2018 in Utrecht, Netherlands. The conference is designed to initiate and promote interactions between researchers and clinicians who are interested in applying systems level approaches to address medical problems.

The program includes talks, poster presentations and discussions about topics such as Big Data in healthcare, computational modeling, systems medicine and systems health. The European Association of Systems Medicine is a charitable association open to everyone with an interest in personalised medicine and systems medicine. The aim of EASYM is to foster systems medicine approaches in experimental medicine and clinical research. EASYM strives to integrate all relevant stakeholders, including clinicians, researchers, medical and patient organisations, industry, funders & policy makers.

More information on the conference: https://easym.eu/conferences/2018-utrecht-conference/