EP PerMed Information Sheets

27 May 2021 – In follow up of the “guidance document”, seven Information Sheets (download below) were developed by the ICPerMed and ERA PerMed “Preparatory Group”, comprising of four representatives of each initiative. The Information Sheets aim to promote the preparations of the European Partnership for Personalised Medicine (EP PerMed), which has been proposed to be one of the partnerships in Horizon Europe, the 9th framework programme of the European Union.

The Information Sheets are intended to provide support for representatives of national and regional authorities, ministries, funders and policy makers and the Personalised Medicine stakeholder community. They address key aspects of EP PerMed, like the value of Personalised Medicine and the EP PerMed vision, the involvement of stakeholders, the establishment of national hubs, opportunities for regions, joint funding activities, industry involvement and the international perspective.

With these documents, ICPerMed and ERA PerMed provide information on the EP PerMed preparations and recommendations for regional/national organisations in preparation of the EP PerMed, to foster participation of interested organisations in the EP PerMed and to help organising the baselines for preparations on the regional and national level to mobilise the national budget commitments and receive stakeholder input for the creation of the partnership.

The Information Sheets are the result of ICPerMed/ERA PerMed reflections on EP PerMed aspects. The concept, legal and financial frameworks for the EP PerMed are still under development (e.g. governance, partner/member/stakeholder rules for participation, etc.), and the Information Sheets will be adapted in the future to integrate and outline such technical aspects when relevant. The Information Sheets received valuable input from the European Commission (EC), but do not represent official EC documents.  

Contact details ICPerMed/ERA PerMed preparatory group:

EP PerMed InfoSheet1 – Summary of Draft Concept Paper
EP PerMed InfoSheet 2 – Stakeholder Community
EP PerMed InfoSheet 3 – National Hubs for Personalised Medicine
EP PerMed InfoSheet 4 – Regional Opportunities
EP PerMed InfoSheet 5 – Joint Funding Activities
EP PerMed InfoSheet 6 – Industry Involvement
EP PerMed InfoSheet 7 – International Perspective