ERA-Net NEURON Workshop on Research Infrastructures

21 January 2022 – ​ERA-Net NEURON invites to the open virtual meeting “European Biomedical Research Infrastructures’ resources for Researchers in Neurosciences”. The 2-day online seminar will take place on 1st & 3rd February 2022.

The 2-day-webinar is organised by NEURON (ISCIII partner) and will address the different resources that several European Biomedical Research Infrastructures, such as ELIXIR, EBRAINS and INFRAFRONTIER, can offer to researchers in Neurosciences.

Date: 1st & 3rd February 2022
Time: Starting at 11:00 CET
Registration: No registration is required.

More information is available here

ERA-Net NEURON: 27 research funding organizations and ministries from 23 countries participate in this network to support basic, clinical and translational research in the diverse field of research into the brain and its diseases.