ICPerMed Executive Committee Meeting in Tallinn

19 June 2019 – In June, the ICPerMed Executive Committee met in Tallinn, Estonia to discuss and plan strategy and future activities of the consortium. The meeting was hosted by the Estonian partner, the Ministry of Social Affairs.

At the meeting, the Executive Committee approved the four winners of the ICPerMed Recognition 2019. Further, amongst other topics, the concept of the 2nd ICPerMed Conference in Paris and the ICPerMed Vision Paper, which will be published soon, were discussed.

The meeting was complemented by four guest speakers, introducing four different initiatives related to personalised medicine. Mark Bale from Genomics England presented the 100.000 Genomes Project UK. Gianni D’Errico, Kathleen D’Hondt and Rafael De Andrés Medina presented the ICPerMed-related coordination and support actions Regions4PerMed, SAPHIRe and EULAC-PerMed.

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