ICPerMed State of the Art Report 2021 published

28 June 2022 – The ICPerMed State of the Art Report 2021 is published and provides information about ICPerMed’s past activities, the upcoming partnership for and activities in the field of personalised medicine

In this 2021 state of the art report, ICPerMed presents its activities (events, ICPerMed promotion videos, working group activities) of the past year 2021 and gives the stage to the ICPerMed Advisory Board to share their view on personalised medicine, the benefit personalised medicine can bring to healthcare, healthcare systems and for patients and citizens, as well as hurdles and important steps still to be taken to make personalised medicine a reality for all.

ICPerMed is looking forward to the upcoming European Partnership for Personalised Medicine, EP PerMed. In February 2021, ICPerMed published a concept paper for the future partnership, developed jointly together with representatives of ERA PerMed and with support of the European Commission. The concept paper was discussed in an open, virtual Information Event “European Partnership for Personalised Medicine (EP PerMed) calling for national and regional involvement” organised by ICPerMed and ERA PerMed on May 31, 2021. In this report, we outline how the drafting group took over the mandate to further develop the partnership, the advances made so far and the next steps until the (expected) launch end of 2023.

ICPerMed is continuously mapping activities in the field of personalised medicine in order to promote achievements and successes in research and implementation as well as to honour activities of ICPerMed member organisations. A set of currently running personalised medicine related initiatives is presented in this 2021 report:

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