New Publication of IC2PerMed

04 October 2023 – The ‘Integrating China in the International Consortium for Personalised Medicine’ (IC2PerMed) project’s outcomes are being disseminated through a series of papers, with each paper focusing on key research areas within the project.

These areas encompass the development of awareness and empowerment, the establishment of sustainable healthcare practices, the utilization of Big Data and ICT solutions, the promotion of innovation in the market, the translation of basic research into clinical applications, and the exploration of research funding mechanisms. The recently published article in ‘Open Access Government’ offers a succinct overview of the project’s progress to date. In addition, two of these topics have already been explored in detail in another recent publication titled ‘Integrating China in the International Consortium for Personalised Medicine: A Position Paper on Healthcare Professionals’ Education and Citizens’ Empowerment in Personalised Medicine’.

For the latest updates on IC2PerMed’s publications, please visit the publication section on the IC2PerMed website.

IC2PerMed aims to advancing the field of Personalized Medicine (PM) through the facilitation of collaboration between the European Union (EU) and China and is part of the ‘ICPerMed Family‘.