Start of four ICPerMed-related coordination and support actions

19 June 2019 – Through its Framework Programme Horizon 2020, the European Union started funding four actions in support of ICPerMed in 2019. All four actions focus on different aspects of personalised medicine.

HEcoPerMed: Health economic modelling and payment strategies for personalised medicine

SAPHIRe: Securing the adoption of personalised health in regions

Regions4PerMed: Interregional coordination for a fast and deep uptake of personalised health

EULAC-PerMed: Widening EU-CELAC policy and research cooperation in personalised medicine

In all four actions, organisations from four or more different European countries are involved. In EULAC-PerMed, additionally organisations from five Latin American countries (LAC) participate.

ICPerMed is looking forward to fruitful interactions with the four projects! Please find news from and more information about the projects below.


HEcoPerMed: Health economic modelling and payment strategies for personalised medicine

HEcoPerMed aims to identify the best health economic modelling and payment strategies for personalised medicine to differentiate between the promises of personalised medicine and reality, and to stimulate the adoption of promising personalised medicine approaches across the EU.

The project responds to the demand for economic models that evaluate treatments made possible through innovations in personalised medicine. HEcoPerMed also seeks to identify funding and reimbursement mechanisms that provide financial incentives for the rapid development and uptake of such innovations. It goes beyond current assessment and payment models in order to serve the need of personalised medicine for more comprehensive cost-effectiveness estimates – incorporating patient and societal perspectives – and for sustainable affordability of cutting-edge health innovations.

>> Further information on HEcoPerMed


SAPHIRe: Securing Adoption of Personalised Health in Regions – first newsletter published

The SAPHIRe project has just published its first newsletter.

Over the next three years SAPHIRe will actively engage with European regions, including sparsely populated and remote regions and regions with different innovation levels. SAPHIRe will host a series of interactive events to understand the barriers and obstacles that exist around the implementation of personalised medicine. SAPHIRe will engage with regional stakeholders (including policy makers, industrial, healthcare and academic sectors) in a two-way discussion, with a view to supporting collaborative efforts and networking activities between regions in the area of personalised medicine.

You can keep up to date with all SAPHIRe-related activities by visiting the SAPHIRe website and Twitter account. You can also sign up to receive information from SAPHIRe here.

>> Further information on SAPHIRe


Regions4PerMed: First Interregional Workshop on Big Data, Electronic Health Records and Health Governance

The first Regions4PerMed Workshop will take place on 23-24 September 2019 in Lombardy Region Headquarter, Milan (Italy). It focuses on the value of data and the political responsibility of their use, and on the need to find a common ground for data sharing and citizen’s trust in health digital technology.

The involvement of policy makers, representatives of academy, research hospitals and industry from different regions is fundamental to get an overview of the implementation of big data and digital technology in the healthcare system, and to identify areas of actions and where investments are much needed.

To this aim, while the first day will be dedicated to an overall introduction to the topic and to the working sessions, the second day will be focused on collecting outcomes of the discussion and defining regional path(s) towards personalised health.

>> Further Information on Regions4PerMed


EULAC-PerMed: Upcoming events in Madrid and Montevideo

The EULAC-PerMed project aims at building bridges on personalised medicine (PM) research between Latin America and Caribbean (LAC) and EU countries.

The first EULAC-PerMed Summer School on PM research in health systems will take place on 9-10 November 2019 in Madrid, Spain and focus on skills to assess the impact of research on PM on national health systems.

From 9-13 December 2019, the following EULAC-PerMed events will take place in Montevideo, Uruguay: A summer school on health technology assessment research in PM, a stakeholder workshop to discuss and analyse the situation of PM in LAC countries (challenges, barriers and needs) and options for strengthening collaboration with Europe and a technical workshop on innovative methodologies for data use and management of PM research.

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