Workshop of the PERMIT project

25 April 2022 – The PERMIT project offers a training opportunity for researchers, clinicians, and other health professionals entitled “Advanced trial designs for Personalised Medicine: An interactive workshop on research methods”. The workshop will take place online on 12 May 2022.

The H2020-funded PERMIT project aims to develop recommendations for robust and reproducible personalised medicine (PM) research. One of the PERMIT working groups aimed to establish standards for the design of randomised trials in PM through the involvement of multiple stakeholders, including researchers, medicines agencies and health technology assessment bodies.

The group has developed recommendations on innovative trial designs for PM, including umbrella, basket, platform, and trials within cohort. These recommendations cover issues linked to taxonomy, methodology, statistical analysis, and more.

The goal of this training event is to analyse the main designs of randomised trials applied to PM and discuss their strengths and weakness in the context of the PERMIT recommendations.

Hosted by: University of Milan (Centro Interuniversitario in Ricerca Clinica)

Speakers: Rita Banzi (IRFMN), Raphaël Porcher and Cecilia Superchi (Université Paris Cité)

When: 12 May 2022 – (2.30 – 5.30 pm CEST)

Where: Online event (Zoom Platform) accessible only after registration

This training session will include presentations on the definition of PM, the PERMIT project and its recommendations, and umbrella, platform and basket designs.

Publications of studies with these designs will be addressed during online breakout sessions.

More information is available here.